Eve For Life

Supporting Women and Children Living with HIV    

From sexual abuse survivor to HIV/AIDS mentor in Jamaica

Monique has come a long way from being a teenage survivor of sexual abuse to helping young women live positively with HIV.

by Daniele Volpe and Olga Chambers

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In October 2017, the America Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) awarded Eve for Life the Excellence in Civic Leadership Award. The goal of the awards programme is to showcase businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations that are driving and achieving economic and social progress in Jamaica through ethical leadership, stewardship, and community building activities.

  The Ministry of Health presented Eve For     Life with an Award for our contributionto the National HIV and STI Programme..

Addressing Gender Based Violence. 

This video features Eve for Life Director of Impact and Co-Founder, Joy Crawford, A Mentor Mom and Dectective Corporal Dixion conducting an information session at R.O.A.R in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Government, Leaders, Donors: 

Call to Action to Support Civil Society

The EVE for Life organisation serves adolescent mothers living with HIV, 45% of whom were sexually abused as children. We have no state funding and less than 1% of our funding comes from local donors in Jamaica.